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Our Services


As a key part of our ethical practices we believe in an honest and direct approach to consultation. Clients are able to utilise our comprehensive consultation package geared to support clients with the desired level of detail to ensure best and practicable solutions are always obtained.

Design and Process Engineering

WHISGreen and our associates will ensure that each customer’s requirements are comprehensively assessed with recommendations provided. All advice is not only based on the specific requirements but on the robust and sustainable use of the available technology.

Site assessment includes topographical survey, test holes/pits, material collection and testing as standard with geotechnical and hydrology surveys also available.

For industrial and commercial effluent processing for which the research has yet to be verified, we can advise and instigate laboratory or pilot schemes to ensure results are guaranteed. As part of WHISGreen's offered services, we can also provide this service to research and development institutions.


The WHISGreen team has over 18 years of experience within the construction industry, Our work is to the highest quality and we will always work to ensure we have a minimal impact on the environmental and surrounding area.

As part of the service, a comprehensive suite of engineering options will include all earthworks, materials, landscaping and access way construction.

Quality is guaranteed.

Project Management

We have significant practical experience of project management, ranging from domestic to the industrial sectors.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that clients remain confident that projects are delivered on time and within budget. Communication is key and an integral function of all our projects.

Maintenance and Emergency Response

All of our installations are guaranteed with full independent assessment of operation prior to handover.

Our projects are designed to be low maintenance with low operation costs, we consider our aftercare service second to none.

To reduce delay in commissioning plant, WHISGreen practice continual assessment and ensure communication with the client is maintained. Variation from contract is therefore quickly identified and rectified before completion.

Maintenance and emergency response contracts are available to provide confidence that systems will continue to operate within the prescribed parameters for long after completion. 

Where appropriate, operational/technical manuals will be supplied with maintenance schedules attached. Staff training can also be supplied as part of the contract.